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The Safety Education website and all its components are the property of the Icsi - Institut pour une culture de sécurité industrielle (Institute for an industrial safety culture) - association.


6, allée Emile Monso, BP 34038, 
ZAC du Palays 31029 TOULOUSE CEDEX 4
Phone: +33 5 32 09 37 70

Association registered under the number D00310052478 at the Prefecture of Haute- Garonne and published in the Official Journal of the French Republic on 28 June 2003 under the number 2003006. Registered in the SIRENE Directory under the SIRET number: 449.409.218.000.20 (APE 9499Z).

Managing editor

Ivan Boissières, General Manager of Icsi


97-97 bis rue du général Mangin
38 100 Grenoble
Code APE : 6502A - n°SIRET : 451878128 00037

Condition for access and use

The Safety Education is an information and training website and access is reserved for licensees.

Users of the website acknowledge that they are authorised to access and use this website, and have the necessary means to do so. Users also acknowledge, they have been informed that the safetyeducation.icsi- website is accessible 24/7, except in cases of force majeure, difficulties related to the telecommunication network, or other technical issues. Icsi may temporarily interrupt access to the website for maintenance purposes. Icsi shall not be held liable in case of impossibility to access this website.

Commitment made by the website

The content of this website is compliant with applicable legislation, in particular: French law on the freedom of the press, which stipulates that no written text, images, or sound of a defamatory, racist, or revisionist nature shall be posted online.

As stipulated in article 227-24 of the French Criminal Code on the protection of minors, no messages of a violent or pornographic nature or seriously detrimental to human dignity likely to be seen or heard by minors shall be posted online. No reproduction of a copyrighted work or brand shall be posted online without the consent of the author, his/her successors, or rights holders.

Limited liability

The Icsi Association shall not be held liable for any direct and/or indirect damage resulting from the client's use of the website and/or any information therein.

The Safety Education website may refer users to other websites via hypertext links. Icsi shall not, in any case, be held liable for the content of these sites, which remain the entire liability of their owners.

Some hazards are inherent to using the internet and users are warned of the need to consider the potential risks prior to consulting the Safety Education website.

Intellectual property - copyright

The contents of this website are subject to French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property.

The Icsi Association retains all patrimonial and moral rights to the documents on this website, subject to the rights of holders of copyright to material published thereon. Consequently, all rights to reproduce this material, on electronic or paper media, are subject to the conditions of the contract between Icsi and the licensee.

The Icsi association will prosecute anyone who attempts to make fraudulent use of documents on the website.


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